R v C & G – Isleworth Crown Court – Our clients appeared for sentence, having earlier pleaded guilty in the magistrates court to offences of entering an aircraft when drunk and behaving in an abusive manner towards a member of aircraft crew. They had been represented originally under legal aid orders by another firm of solicitors and were advised that they faced potential prison sentences for these matters. For two young people of good character, this was the most devastating of news.

Following a recommendation, they contacted the CWD Private Crime Team and arranged to come and see us at our London City Office. We were subsequently instructed to take over representation of both and the legal aid orders in place were withdrawn by the Court. Natasha Wong QC was instructed to represent both clients at the pending sentencing hearing and following a conference in chambers, the information required to mitigate was compiled meticulously by CWD.

At the hearing, the prosecution opened the facts. Defence counsel was then in a position to provide extensive and powerful mitigation to the Court, which resulted in both clients receiving community orders with a number of hours of unpaid work. Looking at the types of sentences imposed for ‘air rage’ offences and how much media attention such incidents currently receive, this really was a great outcome.

Both clients and their families had attended Court expecting the worst, despite the fact that we felt from the outset, as did counsel, that custody was unwarranted here. There had been extensive media coverage in this case, none of it good and none of it outlining any of the many positive things to say about our clients. Nonetheless, the right outcome was thankfully achieved.

Both clients took the time to contact us after the hearing:

‘We just wanted to say thanks from both of us for really looking after us and making this the best outcome possible.  Hopefully won’t need your help again but wish you all the best in the future. Thanks so much for all your help and enthusiasm it made all the difference!’




Natasha Wong QC of 187 Fleet Street was instructed by Steve Foster and Paul Coleman of the CWD Private Crime Team http://www.187fleetstreet.com/index.php?pr=profile&ba_id=30