Whilst some members of staff continue to work remotely, CWD is very much open for business and is now able to provide face-to-face appointments, as well as taking instructions electronically and maintaining our usual work using technology.

We have been actively investing in our technology over the previous years, are completely able to operate remotely when and where necessary, and to access video and other communications links used by the courts and other organisations.

If you need to contact us please do so using the usual email address for the individual with conduct of your matter in the first instance or using enquiries@cwd-law.com.

Alternatively, please use one of the following telephone numbers: General Enquiries: 0203 301 1113, Matrimonial Enquiries: 020 3893 4248.

Coyle White Devine

Solicitors in Amersham

Coyle White Devine is a niche legal practice specialising in dispute resolution. Our team of lawyers has been carefully selected and recruited, almost exclusively from large London firms, for possessing the following core skills and values:

  • The desire to invest personally in the problems of others
  • The desire to win every single case
  • The desire to give value for money above all else
  • Exceptional technical knowledge of both the law and of legal procedure
  • The understanding that “law” is one of many useful tools in the resolution of disputes
  • The ability to converse in straightforward language and without legal jargon
  • The conviction to recommend, amongst many options, particular actions to clients

At Coyle White Devine, our team of solicitors in Amersham are dedicated to dispute resolution. We do it very well because we do nothing else.