After 27 years of full time fighting for my clients (and occasionally kung foo fighting too!) it’s time to make an announcement for change.

From 1st November 2019,  I am reducing my working days at CWD to just two.  It’s time to give more time to my family (which at the moment they seem to be happy about!) but also to some other business interests which need time, but no aggression whatsoever.  Slightly battle weary (and speedily ageing) it’s a change in direction which I am really keen to embrace. So with a little slice of trepidation,  but topped mainly with excitement, I will be dedicated solely to the management of CWD in a fortnight’s time – with no involvement in the day to day running of case matters.

So what changes will there be for my clients?  I am pleased to say that the answer is ‘very little’.  I will remain contactable at all times to give preliminary advice on all new cases – I will simply take a back seat when that case is being progressed at the coal face, with all necessary supervision being provided by other senior members of the CWD team. 

As part of the planning for this change, I only have a few ‘live’ cases remaining and responsibility for these will either be transferred internally, or be handled by a new recruit, Stephen Ellis-Jones.  Stephen is a barrister (called to the Bar in 1992) but has another 15 years of litigation experience working at a firm of solicitors as its in-house counsel.  I am delighted to welcome Stephen into CWD and I know that all of my clients will take to him immediately – we are very, very similar in our approach to dispute resolution and client care!

It’s a new era for sure – but we’ll never lose sight of the core values which I believe have set CWD apart for the last 15 years.  This won’t be allowed to happen on my watch – and I intend to stay on at CWD for many years to come but now lead its growth from a purely management perspective.

If you have any questions at all about how these changes might affect your case, or your future relationship with CWD, please do not hesitate to call me on 0203 301 1113 .