Further to their recent success, Steve Foster and Paul Coleman have received another outstanding review from a client;

I am writing to recommend to anyone going through any legal proceedings to stop and think twice about using our legal aid system. I agree that this is a wonderful thing to have access to but we found out just in time, how actually paying for a solicitor or representative’s time can prove to be instrumental in how many years you could actually serve.

My husband made the biggest mistake of his life and by his actions, he, myself and our three children are all serving the sentence.

We went through a very reputable London solicitors firm who promised us the world. This was all being done through Legal aid, as I did not have any funds to pay for a pricey London Solicitor. I found myself chasing and chasing them, and always feeling very frustrated.

It came to point only weeks before we were going to trial, that they started giving me the number of years they were thinking my husband would be away for. This absolutely terrified me and my husband, it was like their hands were tied and the advice they were giving us was to basically give up and take what is being handed to you.

We were very lucky to have a family member who investigated into things a little for us and put us in touch with Steve Foster from Coyle White Devine. This turned out to be a true blessing.

From the start Steve was very straight and honest with us about every aspect of our case. He worked quickly to secure us a top QC.

There were no lies, no hidden costs, everything was straight, and we all knew were we stood.

We went to trial in January with Steve and his colleague Paul Coleman only getting my husband’s information weeks before and we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

The team were absolutely amazing and we couldn’t recommend them enough. They have been such a support for me, keeping me in the loop right the way through the process. They were always at the end of the phone if I ever needed them.

It has taught us a valuable lesson that you get what you pay for. We were not ripped off, which I feel would have happened if the other company would have been charging us and everything with Steve and Paul was just honest and upright.

I cannot again recommend them highly enough, we were very lucky to have them in our corner.