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Family Solicitors in Amersham

Steering a marriage is straightforward for some, but when it comes to legal matters relating to the parting of the ways, things become tricky, messy and complicated.

Get in touch with our family solicitors Amersham if you are going through a difficult divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership.

What can we do for you? We provide tailor-made advice for you and your loved ones so that your experience of this stressful situation is made easier.

From adoption and child issues to the breakdown of relationships, we have experience in a wide range of family matters.

I am getting divorced; do I need a lawyer?

Divorce is an emotional time heightened by discussions about financial and parental arrangements with your soon to be ex-spouse.

Some couples do have the potential to negotiate amongst themselves without fighting, but if the two of you cannot agree, you might need our family solicitors Amersham for guidance.

What sort of advice can we offer you?

While no one can predict the outcome of divorce; there are dos and don’ts to decoupling that could lead to a quicker and easier ending of your marriage instead of one that is drawn out, stressful and expensive.

You might know people close to you who have gone through a divorce, but going through one yourself is personal, frightening and entirely unique to you.

– Dos and don’ts of divorce

Children and relationships 

  • Remember that there are no winners and losers to getting divorced, so try to be reasonable with your estranged partner. Try even harder if your partner is the mother or father of your children.
  • Put your children first. Making them pick sides to spite your ex could negatively impact them and result in long-term trauma.
  • If you are still in the process of getting divorced and finalising child arrangements, ensure that you and your ex-spouse see as much of your children as possible to maintain a level of normality for them. Do not keep your offspring away from your ex; you might think you are harming your estranged spouse, but you are also hurting your children in the process.
  • Don’t make big decisions before the divorce.
  • We understand the need for wanting to start the next chapter of your life, but do not make any significant life changes before the divorce is finalised, like moving to another country.  These conditions could interfere with the outcome of your divorce.
  • Financial assets and property

Unless you and your estranged partner signed a pre-nuptial agreement before you got married that states who gets what in divorce, you will need to decide how to divide your assets fairly.

When it comes to what you own, do not hide money or property from your family solicitor Amersham, your ex, or their lawyer. Remember that lawyers are professionals in their field and do have skills to trace hidden funds. You could lose the money to your estranged partner if the concealed money is revealed.

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