Contentious Probate

The passing of a loved one brings with it a huge release of emotion. Sadly,weaved within grief are potential disputes regarding the deceased’s estate and how it should be distributed amongst named beneficiaries and other dependents.

Contentious Probate is a specialised legal area where such disagreements are determined, either by negotiation or by the Court if agreements cannot be reached.

We favour mediation over litigation

Even where a Will clearly sets out the deceased’s wishes, disputes arise. Whether there are challenges to the validity of Wills, challenges to the deceased’s mental capacity at the time the will was written of challenges from dependents left out of a Will, CWD can help navigate our clients through to a fair outcome.

Success stories

Hi Vanessa,
I would like to thank you for your commitment and professionalism throughout this case and would happily recommend you guys to any other poor sod in the same predicament.


I would just like to close by saying that I genuinely appreciate everything you have done for me. Not only have you been extremely professional, but you also brought a human and understanding element into a very stressful and unpleasant situation and made everything so much easier to cope with.

In the nicest possible way, I hope that we don’t have to meet again on a professional basis. I wish you and yours well and hope that those who have need of your services in the future will appreciate you and everything you do for them.