CWD’s employment department was delighted to hear about the re-instatement of Mark Phillips as an Academy coach at West Ham United FC.

Mark has been much maligned in the press but he did not deserve to be dismissed from his post and it’s gratifying and quite refreshing to see an employer reach the right (and fair) outcome in the face of significant media pressure to reach a different outcome.  Mark was advised throughout West Ham’s internal investigation and disciplinary process by CWD’s Paul Coleman and Peter Coyle.

Upon receiving confirmation from the Club on 13th November that he would be re-instated to his coaching post, Mark said this: “I have just heard that I am going to be reinstated to my coaching job.  I am absolutely thrilled to bits….it’s my dream job as you both know.  I couldn’t have achieved this without your expert assistance and legal advice, so thanks a million from the bottom of my heart.  This news has taken a huge weight of pressure away from me and my family.  Thank you once again.”