Employment law is always evolving, affected by the politics of the day and the economic climate. At CWD we help both employers and employees navigate through the case law and legislation. We recognise that disputes arising in the workplace can be stressful and affect the health of individuals as well as the productivity of businesses. Our approach is to provide practical and strategic advice to ensure that our clients achieve their objectives in the most cost effective manner.

Our Employment Department can assist with both contentious and non contentious employment law issues.

For Employers our services include, advising upon the recruitment process, drafting staff contracts and handbooks, and advising on changing contracts. We regularly assist with disciplinary and grievance issues as well as advising upon restructuring programmes and dismissals. We help employers defend claims and protect their business interests as well as negotiating settlements where appropriate. The importance of keeping up to date cannot be underestimated and we send a quarterly newsletter to all our corporate clients to cover current developments.

For Employees we can advise on new contracts, assist with defending disciplinary hearings or provide support when you need to raise a grievance. We can also represent you at the employment tribunal if you have been unfairly dismissed or discriminated against. We can advise upon the full range of issues that may affect your working life from the enforceability of restrictive covenants through to parental rights. We commonly advise upon Settlement Agreements and negotiate severance packages for our clients. We are always happy to offer an initial free telephone consultation to discuss your requirements.

Settlement Agreements

A Dedicated Service for Employees

If you have been presented with a Settlement Agreement you will need to seek independent legal advice.

The Solicitors at Coyle White Devine can help you to understand whether you have been presented with a fair deal or whether you could negotiate for more.

Deciding or agreeing to leave employment is always a big decision. If you do wish to explore the agreement that you have been given, we can give you peace of mind about whether it is the right course of action for you.

Examples of improvements to Settlement Agreements that we regularly secure for our clients are as follows:

  • A greater tax free payment
  • A later termination date
  • Clearly specified holiday pay
  • An agreed reference
  • An agreed public statement regarding your departure from the company to colleagues and customers
  • An increased contribution to legal expenses for having to take advice upon the agreement
  • A contribution to career counselling
  • The waiving of restrictive covenants
  • Confidentiality and non derogatory comments protection
  • The option to purchase company property
  • The extension of certain benefits after termination of employment, and much more

Whether the Settlement Agreement has come to you as a bolt out of the blue, or whether it is a welcome relief, we can assist you to make a professional exit from your current role. It may also be possible to benefit from our services at no personal cost to you.

For advice on your Settlement Agreement, call us today for an appointment on 0203 301 1113 Appointments are available at our office or over the telephone. We will need to see your Settlement Agreement, current Contract of Employment and any other documentation relevant to your work situation.

All advice is given in strictest confidence by lawyers who specialise in Employment Law work which means that we are uniquely qualified to advise upon any Settlement Agreement presented to you.

Call 0203 301 1113 for a free telephone consultation

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