Family Solicitors in Amersham

There will come a time in your divorce when you will require the services of a lawyer to help  you understand legal terms, provide counsel or represent you if your case goes to trial.

The question is, how do you find a family solicitor in Amersham when there is a plethora of law firms online?

How do you discern between a compassionate and attentive lawyer who’s not only carefully attuned to your needs, but also well versed in family law – and a second-rate legal practitioner who offers substandard services?

Our legal firm, Coyle White Devine, is passionate about helping others. We personally invest ourselves in every case we encounter. That, coupled with our desire to ensure you fare favourably in your divorce, makes us a natural choice for a family solicitor.

If, for whatever reason, we cannot help you, read on, and learn to recognise the traits of an exceptional lawyer.

Qualities of an ideal family solicitor in Amersham

– Board-certified and accredited

First and foremost, your chosen lawyer should be board-certified in family law, meaning they are trained in this realm of the law and come with many years of experience. They might charge more than your average lawyer, but it is a service that is worth investing in.

– A professional with whom you have a good rapport

You must feel comfortable with your lawyer because you will need to disclose a lot of information about yourself. You might find that, for all their expertise and experience, you cannot connect with them.

– Good with children, helping you reach decisions for their benefit

A good family solicitor in Amersham puts the needs of the children first. He or she should not bend to your desire for retribution by putting forward unfair child custody demands, or demanding child support that goes above and beyond the needs of your offspring.

– Avoid lawyer talk unless it is necessary

Using technical terms and legal jargon should be reserved for the court. A lawyer who talks using a vernacular that is difficult to understand does not impress, but confuses and intimidates.

Your lawyer should explain avenues of the law in layman’s terms, so that is is easier to understand and digest.

– Know how to conduct himself or herself in a courtroom

If your case goes to court, you will need a lawyer who has experience in a court of law, which not all legal practitioners do.

The cherry on the top would be to find a lawyer who is familiar with, and knows, the ruling styles of the family law judges in your area and can advise you on what you should expect and how to prepare.

– Do not be swayed by appearance

A modern office and a well-dressed professional does not reflect the level of legal skill your family solicitor in Amersham possesses.  At the same time, paying top dollar does not necessarily mean you will receive the best quality of service.

The skill and character of your lawyer play a role in the outcome of your divorce. Ensure you receive excellent representation.