Guiding you through troubled waters thanks to our expert family solicitors in Amersham

Promoting dialogue

At Coyle White Devine, it is our opinion that the best results in any family dispute, are those which can be settled through clear, calm and concise conversation. We are a family solicitors in Amersham who encourage dialogue between each involved party when dealing with family disputes and settlements such as divorces or separations, or child custody. However, if – as it is sometimes the case – tensions and personal feelings run too high for a rational dialogue to be carried out, then we can arrange for a ‘financial remedy order’ to be carried through. This is when financial matters that are incurred by the breakdown of a marriage are dealt with within a courtroom by a judge, and typically addresses issues or disputes that revolve around a partner’s finances. A financial remedy order can be effective in settling disputes around many financial concerns, such as child payments, the receiving of a lump-sum payment after a divorce, ensuring that one ex-partner is entitled to a share of the other’s pension, as well as the rights to property.

What does family law entail?

Family law, by its nature, is a vast area of law that extends over a great many things. As no two family law cases are ever the same – given the nature of family itself – each of our family solicitors in Amersham must first be briefed on the specifics of each case, prior to beginning to provide legal assistance. As you may expect, the role of our family solicitor in Amersham often requires a large amount of patience and respect towards those who are involved. We empathise and understand that a divorce or separation is never an easy thing to carry out, although we stress that there are several legal matters which must be resolved before a marriage is no longer binding. If a settlement cannot be reached through discussion, and the matter has to be resolved within the court, then our expertly trained and efficient lawyers often have to liaise with a number of other professionals such as social workers, doctors, psychologists and welfare authorities as a way of presenting the court with a rational, verified and unanimous verdict to determine what legal action is sought after.

What makes a good family solicitor?

The prerequisite for being a reliable solicitor – we believe – is being highly proficient with both verbal and written communication, having a clear and rational thought process throughout each case, excellent negotiating skills, and a high standard of people and time management. We also stress that a reliable solicitor will have a solid, verified educational background for their particular field, and a structured, sensible approach to their work. A good family solicitor however, has to have all of the qualities listed above, and more. Empathy towards the involved parties and an understanding of their needs on a human – as well as legal – basis is a quality possessed by each of our family lawyers at Coyle White Devine. Also the ability to analyse what particular legal approach is best suited to the needs of their clients, establishing themselves as somebody whom clients can trust to ensure that they will do all within their legal powers to achieve the best possible outcome.