Guiding you towards an amicable solution with a trustworthy family solicitors in Amersham

Care when you most need it

Here at Coyle White Devine, we recognise that family disputes and divorces are often the most tiring and stressful experiences which our clients go through. We also grasp that – because of the very nature of family – no two cases are ever the same, and each requires a unique and carefully considered role on the part of our expert solicitors. Compassion, patience and an ability to listen to each involved party’s take on the situation, to do all they can within the boundaries of the law to arrive at an amicable solution in the darkest of hours, is what makes our family solicitors in Amersham highly reputable and respected.

Divorce settlements

Whenever a client is pursuing a divorce settlement, it goes without saying that it is generally done under a great deal of stress. However, relationship and personality clashes to one side, there is usually always a great deal of legal work which is incurred by the dissolving of a marriage, such as the division of shared assets. This is particularly evident in cases where children are involved, as the law requires that legal custody be granted to one of the involved parties, or divided between the two on a predetermined, legal basis. This is a section of family law that requires a considerable deal of finesse and care, as the solicitor must work hard to find a solution which both parties can mutually agree on, without tarnishing the dignity of either. At Coyle White Devine, our family solicitors in Amersham follow the Resolution Code of Practice, which is a set of guidelines that are established for such instances, that has been designed to constructively reach an amicable solution. Members who adhere to this – which all of our family solicitors in Amersham do – are required to; avoid any language (written or spoken) which is inflammatory in nature, encourage their clients to consider the best interests of their children above all else, and to completely separate financial disputes from those involving children. The Resolution Code of Practice also dictates that a family solicitor must also emphasise to their clients the importance and value of honesty throughout all proceedings, alert clients to the benefits of conducting themselves in a civilised manner, and alert them to the various external aid which they may benefit from – such as counseling, family therapy or mediation, should it be required.


As mentioned, another vital role of our family solicitors here at Coyle White Devine, is the redistribution of assets – such as property or shared belongings – after a divorce has been finalised. As you could again imagine, this is very rarely a simple undertaking, and calls for a high level of consideration and care in order to appease all those involved. The property which a couple is cohabiting, during the time of their divorce is covered by a Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trusts Act 1996, which is designed to make these transitions run as smoothly as possible within the parameters of the legal system. A large portion of any family agreement however, be it related to finance, assets or child custody, hinges on the two involved parties being able to discuss matters as adults. Achieving this is, again, often largely attributable to the verbal skills and patience of our expert family solicitors who do all they can to make each voice heard and respected – until a light at the end of the tunnel can be reached for both parties concerned.