Have you been a victim of domestic abuse? Ways to find the best solicitor to represent you

Family Solicitors in Amersham

In the eyes of family law, there are few crimes more serious than domestic abuse. Regardless of whether the abuse takes the form of physical assault, psychological attacks or financial control, it is a matter that is taken seriously by all legal representatives and its resolution can be extremely challenging for those involved.

At Coyle White Devine, our family solicitors in Amersham are experienced in handling domestic abuse issues and will always aim for the strongest punishment in court.

What is domestic abuse?

In the eyes of the law, there are usually 5 forms of domestic abuse that are frequently seen by solicitors, which include:-

Physical abuse any form of physical contact which aims to cause injury, which can include slapping, kicking, punching or pushing.

Sexual abuse this is a very distressing form of abuse that includes rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Psychological abuse threatening behaviours, controlling when the victim can leave the house or who they are allowed to talk to.

Emotional abuse belittling, name calling, mocking and treating the victim like a servant.

Financial abuse withholding money, controlling access to bank accounts, forcing someone to work and withholding debt information are all forms of financial abuse.

withholding money, controlling access to bank accounts, forcing someone to work and withholding debt information are all forms of financial abuse.

If you are worried you have been or are currently being abused, you need to seek help as soon as you can. Our team of family solicitors in Amersham are compassionate and willing to help victims of abuse in any way possible.

How to find the best solicitor

While most solicitors can help in domestic abuse cases, it is always best to seek one that is specifically trained in this area of family law. At Coyle White Devine, we have many family solicitors in Amersham who have overseen domestic abuse cases and can offer you the highest level of professional and emotional support.

However, when you decide to start looking, there are a few tips we suggest you follow to make the entire process as easy as possible.

Conduct research

Try to find a local solicitor who is trained in domestic abuse cases and has good reviews from previous clients. If this feels too overwhelming, contact a domestic abuse charity who can advise you on the best domestic abuse solicitor in your area.

Call the solicitors

It is always wise when you have identified a potential solicitor to contact them via the phone and discuss your situation and other concerns. If the solicitor is unable to help you, they will often refer you to another specialist solicitor. While in some instances, getting a quick response is important, you need to ensure that the solicitor you pick will help you throughout the process, both with legal jargon and with issues around sensitive information.

Domestic abuse is a serious crime and our staff at Coyle White Devine have helped many former abuse victims get the compensation they deserve. If you need more information, call us today.