Helping you find the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to our family solicitors in Amersham


Care when you most need it

Here at Coyle White Devine, we empathise with all of our clients who seek out our legal assistance. Thanks to the breadth of our extensive knowledge around family law, and the patience and consideration that is applied by our family solicitors in Amersham, we are confident that we are a firm who can help guide you through the trials of family law and help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Divorces and separations

At Coyle White Devine we understand that – given the nature of family disputes and law – it is rare that any two cases are the same, as no two families are. As such, our family solicitors in Amersham take extra care and consideration when approaching a new case, and help provide their clients with a bespoke and tailored legal service which can hopefully result in all of the involved parties reaching an amicable solution in which neither are overly resentful and neither feel that their needs and desires have been sacrificed in favour of the other. At Coyle White Devine, we believe in compromises and we encourage our clients to behave in an adult and responsible manner when processing legal matters that surround a divorce or separation – and the subsequent division of assets involved therein. Every one of our trained and professional family solicitors in Amersham are members of Resolution, which is a coalition of lawyers and solicitors who comply within the guidelines set within the Resolution Code of Practice. This is a set of guidelines which we promote when handling family disputes that helps us maintain order and council the involved parties, and includes encouraging those who are going through a divorce to consider the needs of their children first and foremost (if they have any) and to avoid the use of any inflammatory verbal or written language at all costs – regardless of how they may feel personally about each other.

Financial remedy orders

One of the most daunting aspects that is covered by our family solicitors in Amersham, is dealing with the dissolution of shared finances between two parties who are going through a divorce. As tough as this process may be, it is a necessary evil and must be carried out before a marriage can be legally dissolved. However, in instances where a solution cannot be resolved through discussions – which are negotiated by our expert family solicitors here at Coyle White Devine – there is the option to pursue a financial remedy order, or a ‘ancillary relief order’. This allows clients to settle their financial affairs and disputes within a court, and can include those who are seeking out ownership of a property, child support payment plans, or a lump sum cash settlement. A financial remedy order can also aid in getting a share of the clients ex-partner’s pension. After the legal paperwork requesting a financial remedy order has been submitted, it typically takes around 6-12 months to be finalised, before the first court date would be set. The first court date would be treated as what is called a FDR, or Financial Dispute Resolution, which would hopefully begin the process of ensuring all financial matters are judged fairly and within the parameters of the law to endure each party gets what they are entitled to.