Family Solicitors in Amersham

You and your spouse are divorcing, but the road to becoming single is not as simple as going your separate ways and starting over. There are many legal hoops to go through before you can consider yourself legally divorced.

So how does the process work? Contact our niche legal firm, Coyle White Devine if you are filing for divorce and need assistance.

What are the next steps?

The first thing you and your ex-partner need to establish is where to file for divorce, which is typically where one or both of you currently live, originate from or where you have acquired long-term residency

Next, you must decide which type of divorce best fits yours. A fault divorce can be applied for if the reason for your divorce is because of adultery or abuse, or maybe a no-fault divorce which is self-explanatory, while a summary divorce might be appropriate for you and your partner if you do not have children or shared assets.

Once you have filed for divorce, you need to deliver the papers to your ex-spouse. If you are the receiver of these divorce papers, you still have the chance to outline what you would like out of the divorce, demands that you have to submit before a deadline.

At this time of the process, it might be in your best interests to hire a family solicitors Amersham, especially if you and your soon-to-be-ex are not agreeing on the ‘bigger things’, namely the children and shared assets.

Our family solicitors Amersham can give you legal advice, negotiate for you or represent you should your divorce go to trial.

Can mediation help me with my divorce?

The ideal way to settle divorce is amongst yourselves, coming to amicable arrangements that all parties agree to.

However, the above might not be possible for everyone. Divorcing someone you thought that you would spend the rest of your life with is emotional, and you and your partner might harbour negative feelings, which makes agreeing with each other challenging if not impossible.

That said, a courtroom battle, the type you see in the movies, is really your last resort.  People can reach decisions without having to go to court.

Divorce mediation might work for you to help make decisions regarding your children and your finances. Many estranged couples struggling to communicate effectively benefit from mediation. The process of mediation is overseen by a mediator, who is an unbiased third-party who steers and drives the conversation. In this way, you can reach conclusions without battling it out in court.

Reaching a divorce settlement agreement and courtroom approval

If you have settled the divorce out of court, you will still have to finalise it in front of a judge. During this process, you will be asked some basic questions. Your divorce should be approved if the negotiations regarding the division of property,  child custody and arrangements seem fair and not biased toward one or the other partner. 

Are you considering parting? We can help you achieve the best outcome for your divorce quickly and non-confrontationally. Our family solicitors Amersham are experienced and ready to answer your call!