How family solicitors in Amersham can help with the issue of children during divorce

One of the worst things about a separation or divorce is that children sometimes get caught up in disagreements. Considering the arrangement for children, such as child support, who the children live with and visitation rights, can be overwhelming for a divorcing couple. We understand that the decision can be stressful, yet a necessary one. As many of us are parents ourselves, we know that you want the best for your children regardless whether you still have a relationship with your partner.

Family solicitors in Amersham work with couples who are dissolving their marriage and who get caught up in difficult children-related battles. Sometimes neither side wants to compromise and make a decision. Whatever the problem is, we have a team of family lawyers who will assist you in achieving a peaceful and swift outcome for your children.

You should not wait too long before contacting our solicitors for help, before things get out of hand. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to hire our team of family lawyers to help you to handle child issues after your divorce.

What is parental responsibility?

Parents owe their children duties. As such, you have a role to play in making decisions in the life of your child. We understand that after a separation or divorce, fathers are no longer given automatic rights to parental responsibility. We have a team of experienced family lawyers who are willing to assist you in understanding your rights through the court, in order to make ideal agreements. We can allow you to continue to play a satisfying role in the life and future of your child.

Understand custody laws

Family solicitors in Amersham will first intimately review your case before giving you a bespoke plan of action in order to reach a solution. We will provide you with a way forward that is personalized to your situation.
For instance, you might achieve your goals, in regards to your children, through negotiation with the other parent, without going to court. We will help you to come up with a strategy that considers your strengths and weaknesses early on in the process.

Our lawyers will also answer questions you probably have concerning child custody laws. We will also help you to understand how the laws relate to your case, so that you can evaluate the available options.

We understand that parents have the right to visit or see their children. Similarly, children have the right of access to both parents. Family solicitors in Amersham understand the importance of making contact arrangements for both children and parents. We specialize in facilitating a contact agreement and making sure that the court sanctions the contract.

If you would like, we will initiate court proceedings for you if the contact is obstructed or restricted, so that your rights of access are upheld. We also work with an experienced team that deals with medical professionals and the court, to limit or facilitate access. You should visit our law firm to talk about your options about accessing your children, or about your spouses contact with the children.

Every family is unique. Equally, marriages get dissolved for varying reasons and under different circumstances. Our law firm will help you to understand essential child issues and help you to address them before you make an ultimate decision.