Need help with a postnuptial dispute? Coyle White Devine family solicitors can help

Family Solicitors in Amersham

One of the most stressful events that someone can go through in their life is a divorce and finding the correct solicitor to help you through it is getting harder. Many websites advertise a competent staff and high levels of experience, but there are subtle nuances that are easily overlooked.

When you and your family are going through this distressing experience, the last thing you need is a solicitor who is not competent enough to help you understand the legal aspects alongside being supportive and understanding. Many clients who undergo divorce proceedings are often seeking a solicitor who has a non judgemental attitude, but is also well informed about the technicalities of this procedure.

At Coyle White Devine family solicitors in Amersham, our solicitors are both qualified and experienced in family law in the UK, but are also compassionate. We want to take the stress from you as much as we can and seek to make the divorce process as smooth as possible.

But why else should you choose our family solicitors in Amersham when you are beginning the divorce process?

Straightforward fees

Of course, whenever you are looking for a divorce solicitor, one of your main concerns will be money; how much will it cost you? At Coyle White Devine our family solicitors in Amersham will meet with you and will quote you a straightforward fee, which we will be happy to break down into an invoice to explain all of the costs further.

We aim not to charge any additional fees, but if we feel we need to at any point in the proceedings, we will inform you beforehand so you can decide whether or not you require the additional service.

Professional and realistic

When you are looking for a solicitor, you may notice that some are more optimistic, and some are more pessimistic. This can be jarring if you are unsure what to expect from a typical divorce process. Our lawyers will provide you with a professional, realistic approach and will discuss with you what may occur throughout the proceedings based on their previous experience.

This will provide you with greater insight and more realistic expectations of the final settlement, while also ensuring you are made aware of how long the process is likely to take.


Family law in the UK is regulated by an organisation called ‘Resolution.’ Resolution provides family law solicitors with a ‘code of practice’ that they must follow in order to be registered as a member.

At Coyle White Devine, we are proud to be members of Resolution and uphold its standards in all of the family-based work we provide. We aim to be non judgemental, to treat you and your family with respect, while also minimising the stress on you. If you have children, we will always aim to put the needs of your children first, before any financial settlements.

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