Family Solicitors in Amersham

When it comes to legal matters that involve the family, you should find the right family solicitor in Amersham whom you can relate to and whose goals and objectives for the case coincide with yours.

So, what qualities should you look for in a family solicitor in Amersham and which should you avoid? See below for what we, as a reputable niche law firm, offer.


Acquiring legal aid from a fresh university graduate might save you money, but may also jeopardise your case. An inexperienced lawyer might be passionate and have your best interests at heart, but he or she has limited exposure in handling legal matters.

Find a lawyer specialised in family law as we are and who has dealt with all manner of cases, ranging from adoption to divorce. If yours is a complicated legal matter or somehow unique, you should ask prospective lawyers if they have dealt with similar experiences that have borne favourable outcomes, as a result of their expertise.

Gauge whether your lawyer can represent you should things go to trial – ask about their past experiences with court hearings


You have to ask yourself what your expectations are and whether a prospective lawyer meets them. At the same time, you need to enquire about the lawyer’s expectations.

If your goals and expectations are different, you should go your separate ways and find a lawyer with whom you can better identify.


You might hold a lot of weight to whatever issue you are facing, but does your family solicitors Amersham feel the same way?

A solicitor who does not have the time to give you their undivided attention and dumps your case on a subordinate should be avoided.

You should ask how regularly you will be updated to ascertain whether a potential lawyer can give you the time that you need. We always commit fully to the needs of our clients.

Can you afford the lawyer you want?

While you should avoid a lawyer who does not have many years of experience under their belt, you should not opt for a legal professional whose retainer you cannot afford.

Thinking that you should be hiring a top-notch lawyer to better your chances of winning, could land you in hot water.

At the same time, a fancy law firm might not provide you with the service you would expect from paying top dollar.

Compassion and interpersonal skills

Law school can teach you many things, but it cannot make you into a sympathetic professional that clients cannot help but open up to.

Credentials and qualifications are essential to an extent, but meaningless if you cannot communicate openly with your lawyer.

You will be divulging a lot of personal information to this person, especially in the event of a divorce, and opening up requires you to be trusting of, and comfortable with, your lawyer.

If you have not found that type of rapport yet, continue with your search.

Find a family solicitor Amersham who is not only highly qualified and comes with a wealth of experience, but a legal professional who is also compassionate and empathetic to your plight. Choose us for your legal concerns.