Family Solicitors in Amersham

Apart from grieving the end of your relationship, the breakdown of a marriage requires you to make big decisions surrounding your children and finances. These discussions can be overwhelming and turn unpleasant if you and your estranged partner do not see eye-to-eye on the essential things. Hiring the right family solicitor in Amersham is crucial in helping you make informed and fair decisions.

At the same time, the family solicitors in Amersham could shape the outcome of your divorce.  Find a legal team who are experienced, specialised in divorce, and will provide a tailor-made service that meets your family’s unique needs, saves you on time and money, and allows you to move on from your divorce quickly.

Our niche law practice, Coyle White Devine is trained in dispute resolution, providing you with counsel and representation for an amicable parting of ways with your soon-to-be ex.

Try to make decisions amongst yourselves

Nobody wants to settle a divorce in a court of law because the proceedings are drawn out, highly stressful and put every aspect of your life under the spotlight.

We try to encourage our clients to reach their own decisions. You should only opt to settle matters in front of a judge when all other methods of communication have failed.

We understand how emotionally taxing divorce can be, especially if you harbour resentment toward your partner, but it is in your best interest to try to make level-headed decisions that are fair for all parties involved, including your shared children. Remember that nobody wins a divorce, you cannot have it all, so at times you might find yourself having to compromise on certain things.

Custody, visitation rights and child support

When deciding where your child should live and with whom, remember that they are not the ones getting divorced and should not be used as collateral damage. Keeping your offspring away from their other parent out of spite is emotionally traumatising for your innocent children. These emotionally-charged decisions might even have far-reaching consequences that could result in future counselling.

Custody comprises of physical and legal custody, and under normal circumstances, these responsibilities are shared in ‘joint custody’. However, there may be extraneous factors that prevent one parent from providing adequate care or from having the final say in their child’s future. These factors might include, taxing work obligations in the case of physical custody, or not being sound of mind, for legal guardianship.

If physical custody is not joint, the visitation rights of the parent who is not the primary carer, must be discussed. For example, will that particular parent see their children for two weekends of every month and over long holidays?

If all else fails, try mediation

If you and your ex do not agree on most issues, why not try to break your stalemate with mediation?

Mediation is a process overseen by an unbiased third-party mediator who encourages and facilitates conversation between estranged spouses and tries to come up with creative solutions that meet everyone’s needs.

Mediation can prove effective where other channels of communication have failed.

No one likes to think about divorce while they are happily married, but life is unpredictable. It is in your best interests to find a compassionate, high calibre family solicitor in Amersham to help you end your marriage as swiftly as possible.