Relieving financial pressure through an expert family solicitors in Amersham

A helping hand

Here at Coyle White Devine, we recognise the importance of family. It is the very foundation on which the majority of our lives are built, and as such we understand that any change in the foundation of any family can often be the cause of a great deal of stress and sadness. This is especially true in divorce settlements, or when deciding over matters of child custody. Additionally, as is often the case, tension between the involved parties is high and there can often be friction. This is why our compassionate, patient family solicitors in Amersham are here to guide you through the muddy waters of family law, which – whilst they may be difficult to process at a time of such stress and discontent – are completely necessary if a marriage is going to be legally dissolved and both members of the couple wish to separate.

Promoting conversation

At Coyle White Devine we believe that the best solutions in marital or family disputes are those which can be settled and resolved through conversation. As such, we are family solicitors in Amersham who encourage those who seek out our services to discuss their financial matters in a level-headed, constructive way. We urge those who are going through a separation and have children, to put their children’s needs at the forefront of everything else and not let emotions and personal opinions rule. We are also family solicitors in Amersham who promote healthy, adult dialogue between divorcees and caution against the use of any inflammatory language – written or spoken – throughout the legal proceedings. However, whilst an amicably agreed arrangement about the incurring financial matters from a divorce – such as property rights, pensions and child-support – is the best possible outcome, we also recognise that this is sometimes unachievable.

Sorting out your finances

If tensions are so high that a reasonable conversation cannot take place, then we can arrange to have the matters settled within a court of law and before a judge. This is what is known as a ‘financial remedy order’ (or ancillary relief order) and can be used to arrange financial matters such as recurring child-support payments, lump-sum settlements, ensuring that each ex-partner is still entitled to a portion of the other’s pension, and the rights to property ownership. The process of a financial remedy order is carried out within the courtroom, with each solicitor presenting their case before a judge, after collecting relevant evidence, such as each partner’s salary, their standard of living prior to separation, their predicted future earnings and anything else which may have bearing on the final verdict. Then the judge will pass the final verdict which will legally settle all matters which were brought before the court, and therefore put a final end to the partners’ dispute. As is the nature of family law, and indeed family itself, each case is entirely different from the last. Therefore a high degree of consideration, patience and negotiating finesse is required. A good family solicitor ought to be able to hear both sides to every story and not let their client’s personal feelings rule – as well as being compassionate and caring.