Resolve your financial disputes professionally through reliable family solicitors in Amersham

A helping hand

At Coyle White Devine, we recognise that the breakdown of a relationship is one of the hardest and most stressful times in our clients’ lives. Whilst tensions may be high, and there is a temptation to base all of your actions purely on personal opinion and feelings – we are family solicitors in Amersham who aim to help both involved parties come to a mutually beneficial and amicable solution where nobody feels that their needs have been overlooked. In the event of a divorce and separation, regardless of personal feelings or opinions about either partner, there are certain legal requirements that must be straightened out, prior to a marriage being legally dissolved. Much of this relates to a couple’s finances and assets, and our trained team of patient and compassionate family law practitioners are well versed in dealing with all manner of divorce settlements and resolution, and aim to provide a fair and just legal solution to a divorce which fairly represents the needs of each involved party.

What is a financial remedy order?

At Coyle White Devine, we are family solicitors in Amersham who promote conversation and discussion between each involved party in a divorce agreement. However, as is sometimes the case, there can often be tension and an inability for either partner to come to an amicable financial arrangement with which both can feel fairly represented. As such, they can seek out a ‘financial remedy order’, which is otherwise known as an ancillary relief order. This allows for each partner to settle their financial issues within a court of law, before a judge, and as such puts a legally binding end to all disputes. A financial remedy order can be used for couples to receive a lump sum payment from their partner, be legally included in either partner’s pension, establish regular, recurring child support payments, and various other financial matters which must be addressed before a marriage can be legally dissolved.

How does a financial remedy order work?

If it is proving to be impossible for the involved parties to come to an amicable agreement about their finances, we are family solicitors in Amersham who can facilitate the process of carrying out a financial remedy order. This initially involves sending away an application form for the process to begin. This typically takes around six to twelve months to be processed. Next, the first court appearance must be scheduled, which has to be done between six and twelve weeks after submitting the application. This would be followed by a financial statement being submitted to the court by each of the involved parties, ideally within five weeks prior to the initial court date. Once all the preliminary paperwork has been filled out and filed, the first court appearance will be treated as what is called a ‘financial dispute resolution’ (FDR) appointment. The purpose of this FDR is to negotiate and establish the terms of each partner’s divorce settlement and how best to approach reaching a verdict. The court will then take the varying factors into account, such as children aged below the age of 18, the income and future earnings of each partner, the standard of living prior to divorce and various other factors – before making its final verdict.