Due to our many years of experience in this field and all of the different kinds of people that we have worked with and supported, we understand how difficult and stressful a separation can be for you and your family.

Once a decision to separate has been made by one or both parties, it is important that stability and a sense of normality is established as quickly as possible. Not only does this allow children who are affected by a separation to be less impacted in their day to day routines, it also provides a chance for couples to begin to move on, as well as minimising the impact made on the extended families.

Family solicitors in Amersham are able to provide this sense of stability by offering unwavering and experienced support where it is needed most. We get straight down to business and seek out the information that we need. By talking with you and understanding your personal situation, our family solicitors in Amersham can create a bespoke and personalized plan of action to ease concerns and address the real issues.

We are here to gently, yet passionately, inform you of the necessary path to take in order to swiftly and amicably come to an agreement on most matters concerning your separation. We aim to work with both parties in such a way that allows for decisions to be made mutually where possible.

When effort is placed in making sure that both parties can come to an agreement regarding the terms of their separation, it has been found that everybody wins. A faster resolution results in less expenditures and a far less stressful experience, which is beneficial for not only the parties involved, but for all other family members affected as well. All of our family solicitors in Amersham seek to help provide an amicable divorce for our clients.

What can we help you with?

Every family is different, so we tailor-make our advice to suit your personal needs and concerns. We understand that you undoubtedly have many questions that you will need answered. It is quite possible that there are many concepts that will be addressed throughout these proceedings that you are unfamiliar with as well; questions you didnt even know had to be asked.

One of the biggest factors that needs to be considered and agreed upon is the division of funds and matrimonial assets. It can seem completely daunting on the outset, but we have in place a series of progressive steps and orders that can be taken out, which can break down the complicated process into more understandable and reasonable pieces to deal with.

One of these orders that can be used in certain cases is a Financial Remedy Order. Otherwise known as an ancillary relief order, it can help you to settle your financial dispute in court.

We often advise our clients to take out a financial remedy order when it is deemed appropriate. We welcome you to speak with us about this opportunity should you be seeking a lump sum payment, aspire to gain ownership of a property, or to set up regular payments in order to assist with living expenses or childcare.