Putting family first

Coyle White Devine is a niche legal practice specialising in dispute resolution. Part of what makes our family solicitors in Amersham so highly regarded and much sought after, is our exceptional technical knowledge of both the law and of legal procedure, as well as our ability to empathise with the needs and wants of our clients on a personal basis. We understand that a divorce or separation can be one of the hardest, most trying points in our clients’ lives – and that tensions may be high between the involved parties. As such, we take our time to listen and establish a human connection with each of our clients, and use our expert grasp on the law to get them the best possible outcome when going through a divorce or separation.

Resolving your financial disputes

When a couple is going through a divorce, there’s usually some amount of tension and strain. As a result, going through your shared finances and working out how best to resolve them is not exactly what most want to be doing. However, in order for a clean split, it is an entirely unavoidable task which, as daunting as it may be, will let you both move on with your financial lives freely. At Coyle White Devine, we are a family solicitors in Amersham who promotes dialogue between couples who are going through a divorce. We believe that the best possible outcome is one which can be achieved through conversation, mediated by one of our expertly trained, professional family solicitors in Amersham. However, we also understand that, in some divorces, a rational conversation between those involved is almost impossible – and in such cases we generally pursue what is called a ‘financial remedy order’. In instances where you have repeatedly tried, and failed, to come to an amicable agreement about financial matters with your ex-partner, a financial remedy order can help relieve any mounting pressures by having the matters conducted within a court of law. This can help clients receive a lump-sum payment from their ex-partner, as well as arrange child-support payments, ensure they are entitled to a portion of their pension, and gain ownership of a property.

How does a financial remedy order work?

The process of going about settling your financial dispute before a judge initially involves sending away an application form, which has an initial cost of £255. Once it has been sent away, the application can take around 6-12 months to be finalised, as in the meantime both of the involved parties must present their case before a judge, who will make a final ruling after all the relevant information has been processed. After sending the application, you will then have to arrange the first court appointment, and both you and your ex-spouse must exchange a financial statement. The initial courtroom date will be considered a financial dispute resolution appointment, and every time either you or your ex-partner appear in court prior to this, up to date cost schedules must be presented to the court. Any details, arrangements or potential proposals must be carried out prior to the FDR. Once the court has received all the relevant information, it will be reviewed by the judge with the intent of making a final verdict, which will resolve the matter permanently and within the confines of the law.