Family Solicitors in Amersham

In today’s world, marriage is not a path everyone decides to choose, thinking that legal matters are far less complicated in the event of a breakup. However, discussions about children and money can be complicated even if you are unmarried and parting ways.

You might need legal advice if you are having trouble settling the dust after a relationship ending. Our legal team at Coyle White Devine are here to help you resolve bitter squabbles and settle matters in a peaceful and non-confrontational manner. Let our family solicitors Amersham help you!

How to make the tough decisions

While navigating these choppy waters, you might find that there are far fewer laws protecting unmarried couples than married ones.

But that is not to say that your decoupling has to be even more complicated than partners going through a divorce. You can choose to make decisions informally between yourselves or have one of our family solicitors Amersham help you to draw up a formal separation agreement.

This agreement should cover the following aspects:

  • Living arrangements, with whom should your children live? Similarly to divorce, these decisions should be determined according to what is best for your offspring. Factors that should impact this decision include things like who can provide more care, time, and support.
  • You and your estranged partner are financially responsible for the offspring you share, so maintenance and child support should be topics up for discussion, despite these financial commitments being non-legally binding. 

The role of the unmarried father

At the end of a relationship, the father does not automatically have a say in the future of their children’s future.

If you are an unwed father, protect yourself from the worst by registering the birth and entering into a parental agreement with the mother of your children.

When it comes to the well-being of your children, they should have regular contact with both parents. For their sake, come to an amicable agreement with each other, ask for our advice or hire a mediator if you find that you and your ex cannot communicate without bickering.

Facing the financial issues

Dividing your assets is more than just deciding who gets to keep the television and kitchen sink. It is especially challenging dividing up assets between an unwed couple who have lived together, because there is no legal protection, like prenuptial agreements, to protect what is yours.

So how do you go about getting what is yours? Ideally, making amicable decisions with your ex is the first prize, where you tick off the high-value items according to who bought them and who gets more use out of them.

However, the best way to prevent heated arguments over who gets what, is to draw up a relationship agreement before you start living together. If the relationship ends, you have written records on who gets what and agreed upon terms to keep things civil and out of the courtroom.

This agreement does not only include finances, but also matters about the family, outlining parental rights and responsibilities during the relationship and after a breakup.

Not everyone dreams of their big wedding day, because they fear divorce. That said, the break up of a relationship is no walk in the park either – contact our family solicitors Amersham at Coyle White Devine for help in the dissolution of your relationship.