What according to an Amersham family solicitor are the most common reasons for family breakups?

Why do marriages fail and families get torn apart? In spite of the fact that marriage vows are intended to hold until death, couples find that for many reasons they cannot stay in a marriage and initiate divorce proceedings. There is no guarantee that a marriage will last forever.

Breaking up a family has serious consequences and couples should always try to find ways to stay together if possible. If this is highly unlikely we, a Family Solicitor Amersham in Amersham with desired experience and skills in collaborative law, can be of enormous benefit to keep matters out of the courts.

6 Common reasons why marriages end in divorce

1.   Financial woes

At the top of the list of factors that contribute to the destruction of a marriage are financial matters. A couple’s differing attitudes (spending vs saving) about money can be the cause for much strife.

2.   Illicit liaisons with others

Affairs have a significant effect on the trust that exists between couples. Without this mandatory requirement, a relationship can easily fall apart due to the poisonous effect lack of trust can have.

3.   Ex-spouses can get in the way

Sometimes not all past relationships can be left in the past. If an ex-spouse or partner still maintains some influence or interferes in the other party’s life, conflict often arises.

4.   Couples not on the same page sexually

Like differing attitudes over money, if attitudes to sex are not similar in both parties, a consequence is a problematic relationship. If sexual libido for one party is at a higher level than the other, they may turn to others outside a relationship to satisfy this need.

5.   Parenting children that come with a marriage

It is not uncommon for one spouse, inheriting children from their partner’s former relationships, to have conflicting views on how to raise them. There are also some challenges in building a relationship with children who are not your own. If children are involved when a marriage dissolves, our services as a Family Solicitor Amersham in Amersham should be retained to find amicable ways that are in the interests of the children concerned.

6.   Contrasting attitudes in resolving conflict and the way in which partners communicate

How a couple approaches solving conflicts or problems can also cause difficulties. A partner who prefers to ignore problems rather than find ways to resolve them can be a challenge to live with, if the other party favours tackling issues head on.

This leads on to the type of communication each party in a relationship adheres to. Lack of sharing can be the basis for one party feeling unloved.

Much research study has been devoted to determine the effects that parental separation can have on the children involved. These effects are more noticeable if children are seven years of age and older. Coyle White Devine is a practising Family Solicitor Amersham in Amersham. At our law practice we believe in collaborative law and we do our utmost to ensure our clients receive the outcomes they want.